Kate Larson

Lawrence, KS 

Kate Larson graduated from Bethel College in 2008 with a BA degree in Art, painting emphasis, and a minor degree in History.  She is currently a resident artist at SeedCo Studios in Lawrence, Kansas.

She works primarily with oil paints on canvas, but also enjoys encaustic (wax and pigment) painting, drawing, watercolor, printmaking, sculpting, pyrography (wood burning), and scenic art for theatre.  Kate is continuously energized by exploring new media and collaborating with other artists, which powerfully influences her own work.  Surrounding themes including nature, urban environments, architecture, and history have often shaped the movement of her paintings.  The most fascinating part of the process for Kate is the process itself; every moment, layer, frustration, and risk is an important step that must be trusted.  Bringing a sense of order (which can include disorder) to a seemingly chaotic composition can result in a beautiful tension, one that forces the action of letting go.  The repetition of this very human cycle of angst, decision, and peace is something Kate seeks with every new painting, continuously finding different ways to reach that state of being. 

Kate grew up in a rural agricultural setting.  Her childhood was filled with endless skies, the continual wonder at birth, growth, and death, hard work rewarded by independent hours scouring creek beds for tadpoles, snakes, feathers, seedpods, and skeletons, and a helpless understanding of the affects of rain, drought, feast, and famine.  The farm provided both her reality and fantasy, and continues to do so.  

If you have any questions, feedback, or are interested in purchasing a painting, please email Kate at katemaeda@gmail.com.

Group Shows:


  • First Fridays, SeedCo Studios/Wink Eyewear, Glimpse Flash Space, Kansas City, MO
  • "Pocket Art Trade" Henry's Coffee Shop, Lawrence, KS
  • Final Fridays, open studios at SeedCo, Lawrence, KS
  • Lost Art Sp_ce, Lawrence, KS


  • Lost Art Sp_ce, Lawrence, KS
  • "Art Lives", Feminist Art Project, City Arts, Wichita, KS


  • Senior Show, FAC Gallery, Bethel College, North Newton, KS
  • Student Show, FAC Gallery, Bethel College, North Newton, KS


  • Art AID Benefit, Positive Directions, Wichita, KS



Relevant Work and Education:

Resident Artist, SeedCo Studios, 2012-present

Art Teacher, Lawrence Montessori School, 2011-2012

Bachelor of Arts, Painting, Bethel College, 2008

Art Gallery Assistant, Bethel College, 2004-2008

Scenic Designer, Bethel College, 2008

Scenic Artist, Music Theatre of Wichita, 2007

Donor/Volunteer, Art AID Benefit auction, 2007

Scenic Intern, Music Theatre of Wichita, 2006



Art Exchange, Bethel College, works from painting series (Four, 2007, oil) selected and purchased by college to be on permanent campus display rotation

 Thresher Award recipient, Bethel College, excellent, sustained contribution to academic field (senior art collaboration exhibit), 2008

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